A Brewing Conspiracy

I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means. I’m a big fan of the “assumption of good-will” policy, and as a result, my dad often accuses me of being too trusting. But I belive that I’ve stumbled upon a new conspiracy.

It involves airlines and beer companies. Here’s how it plays out:

Step 1: Airlines purposefully delay flights to popular destinations that I need to get to (i.e. New York City) so that…

Step 2: Airport bars can charge ridiculous prices for a pint of beer (i.e. $8.99 for a Rickard’s Red), knowing full well that…

Step 3: Jesse, out of boredom and thirst will purchase said ridiculously priced beer.

Coincidence… or well thought out beer marketing stratgey?
Either way I’m still stuck in Ottawa waiting for my flight.
Happy Day.


  1. David says:

    Add to that:

    4) TSA purposely specifically forbids bringing liquids past security so that when 1) Your plane is purposefully delayed, and, 2) Airports charge ridicuculous amounts of money for beer, and, 3) you get bored and thirsty, you cannot pull mini bottles of fun beverages out of your bag.

    Screw the man.

  2. IBé says:

    Hell yeah! I think the same thing whenever I come stuck at a airport. Especially when the plane is sitting right there on the tarmac.

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