Published Work

A selection of my writings published elsewhere. You can also check out and download some of my papers and published work at


Old Words, New Visions: The Talmud and Liberal Religious Zionism inFragile Dialogue: The New Voices of Liberal Zionism.” CCAR Press, 2017

We Have No Unknown Soldiers: Har Herzl and the Establishment of a Zionist Narrative among Israeli and Diaspora Jews in “Thank you my teacher, thank you my friend: Festschrift in Honour of Rabbi Lawrence A. Englander.” Hadassa Word Press, 2016

Vegetarian Tefillin & Finding Humility
Published at Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas, on the conflict between being a vegetarian, yet strapping leather to my arm everyday.

The Bedouin of Anatevka
Published at Jewschool, an article on the crisis facing Israel’s Bedouin population in the Negev desert.

Men Can Be Rabbis?!
Written on my relationship with my first rabbi – Rabbi Nancy Wechsler, who taught me that men can indeed be rabbis.

New Birthright Staff Training Program Focuses on Centrality of North American Staff
A piece I wrote for eJewishPhilanthropy on the Union for Reform Judaism’s new Birthright Staff Training program, which I managed.

Worship, Music, and Songleading Resources
Resources that I developed for URJ Kutz Camp as part of a comprehensive education program in music leadership and worship. While this will be useful for others engaging in similar work, some of the materials were specifically for the context in which they were developed – I am available to consult on similar materials for other settings, as well!


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