A smattering of projects I’m working on, things I’m proud of, and some things that didn’t quite work out.

The new short-form explainer podcast, with expansive questions and diverse ideas.

One big Jewish question + answers with integrity and inspiration. And where to turn next to learn more. All in thirty minutes each.

Contemporary graphical art based on ancient Jewish texts. Bringing the wisdom of the ages into your home with modern takes on vintage finds. Atelier: the French word for studio or workshop (an homage to my grandparents’ French Canadian heritage) + Ulpan: Hebrew for studio and the special immersion classes where Hebrew is taught to new immigrants.

Talmud Starter Kit

If you’re new to learning Talmud, it can be a bit disorienting to just start reading. Whether you’re thinking of joining Daf Yomi (it’s not too late!) or just want to immerse yourself in some rabbinic wisdom, the Talmud is both the on-ramp, and can also be an incredibly challenging road-block for beginners: the narrative is meandering, it has unique methods of argumentation, and is filled with obscure and arcane terminology.


I created experiential, gamified content to accompany traditional text from the Pesach Haggadah for Friendseder – a project by Detroit’s The Well. Friendseder is a resource hub, a haggadah, a digital board game, and an out-of-the-box seder experience designed for young adults.

Daily Talmud on Instagram

At the start of the current Daf Yomi cycle, I began creating #DafYomi content Instagram. Pairing ancient rabbinic wisdom from the Talmud with mindful and reflective questions for today. I quickly built an audience of over 1,700 followers, but this project wasn’t as sustainable as I hoped it would be – a broken arm and the need to grind out daily content slowed things down. It was still inspiring to see the nascent community of Talmud readers discovering each other online!

Weekly Jewish Mindfulness

At the start of the pandemic, I led a weekly meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual reflection class with Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. The class ran for over 16 months, and reached over 1,200 people. You can find recordings and texts sheets from these classes here.