Israel, the gorgeous klutz

With fiery and insulting rhetoric coming from Netanyahu about the Iranian nuclear negotiations, and firebrand (and sometimes racist) Avigdor Lieberman freshly reinstated as Israeli Foreign Minister stating that the US and Israel should hide their policy disagreements, it has certainly been an interesting 24 hours in Israel.

Sometimes it feels like I’m watching a bad romantic comedy, where one of the people in the relationship keeps messing things up and saying stupid things, even though they’re so close to having a meaningful and fruitful relationship.

I’m looking at you, Israel. Stop being the douchey guy. Stop being the gorgeous klutz.

Far be it from me to offer relationship advice to the masters of the house in which I live. But sometimes I just want to cringe. 

If you want to be in a relationship with the United States (which, let’s be honest, you absolutely need to if you want to have any semblance of positive international relations), then perhaps it’s time to stop shooting yourself in the foot.

Israel doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s shocking to watch it’s leaders acting as if it does.

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