Wonderbras, Caulking Guns & Apologizing for Everything


Since the year 2000, I’ve celebrated all but two Canada Days from outside of Canada – either in New York or in Israel. Funny thing is, I actually feel a stronger connection to Canadian patriotism when I’m outside of Canada than when I’m at home.

Today was a pretty quiet Canada Day here in Jerusalem. While I did hear fireworks at one point, Israelis love to blow stuff up when they celebrate, so it was probably just the opening of a new mall or something.

So in honour of the Confederation of my home and native land, here’s a rundown of fifteen of Canada’s and/or Canadians’ lesser-known, yet most fascinating contributions to the wider world:

  1. Standard Time: messing up my internal clock since last Wednesday
  2. Basketball: in which we shamefully have only one professional level “team”
  3. Garbage Bags: in which we shamefully pollute the planet, all while making it ever so convenient to get rid of undesirables (can you fit Canadian politicians in garbage bags?)
  4. Peanut Butter: yeah, that was us
  5. The telephone: which – much like international Canadian diplomacy – nobody uses anymore, anyways
  6. Blackberry: which – much like the telephone – nobody uses anymore, anyways
  7. Insulin
  8. Electric wheelchairs
  9. Wheelchair accessible buses
  10. Pacemakers
  11. Wonderbras: you’re welcome
  12. Butter Tarts: you’re welcome
  13. Caulking guns: you’re welcome
  14. Egg Cartons: can you imagine what life would be like without these?
  15. Apologizing for everything: (When I went to the CBC’s website for the 50 Greatest Canadian inventions, it apologized that the webpage could not be found)

Happy Birthday Canada! I miss ya!

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