As the old saying goes…

Dotan Harpak (past shaliach to the URJ Youth Division) has written an excellent analysis of the current situation in Israel over at RJ Blog. And when I say current situation in Israel, I mean the situation this week, because heaven knows it’s going to change tomorrow. It’s largely spurred by Bibi’s visit to New Orleans for the Jewish FederationsGeneral Assembly.

While you’re there, check out my response in the comments.

I happen to be in Israel right now confronting many of the issues Dotan speaks about, so it was serendipitous that Dotan would write about the things I’m seeing.

BTW – If you haven’t read yet, shit went down at the GA. Some appalling behaviour that is quite typical of the character of much of institutional Judaism these days vis a vis Israel. Please read and learn and keep an open mind.

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