Unsubstantiated Claims of Freshness

Only one of these food items is guaranteed "fresh"

A current KFC commercial proudly proclaims that you can go to their establishments and get food that is “delivered fresh,” and “prepared fresh… by a real cook!” As if there should be some other way to get food. What, do they think we’re accustomed to eating freeze dried processed food created by a machine?

Oh wait…

When the concept of fresh becomes the exception and not the norm, isn’t something wrong?

The fine print at the bottom of the commercial (thank you DVR) makes this all the more interesting shocking:

Fresh claim applicable to KFC’s drumsticks, thighs, breasts and wings. Not applicable in Alaska, Hawaii or due to supply outages.

According to KFC, not only is the Fresh “claim” the exception, there’s an exception to the exception. You can only get what they claim to be “fresh” in the continental USA, and only if there’s enough meat to go around. And it’s only for some of their food.

The only explanation I can think of for how a restaurant like this can exist and promote itself with a commercial like this is that something is more important to people than freshness. My guess is it’s either convenience, cost, or taste. Or some combination of all three.

If it’s convenience, then something is supremely wrong in America. If it’s cost, then something is supremely wrong in America. And if it’s taste, then something is supremely wrong in America.

Get the point?


  1. Ian Bliss says:

    I wonder what the deal is with some of the other restaurant chains. Do chains like Popeye’s, Boston Market, or St. Hubert also pull out the freezer stops on their customers? There’s a reason fast food is fast, you know.

    1. Jesse says:

      Sure, but fast doesn’t have to equal unfresh, sneaky, or riddled with fine print.

      See Chiptole for an example of food that is fast, fresh, tastes good, and transparent (no fine print on their menus).

      I think most of the issues surrounding fast food are less about the restaurants themselves and more about the people who enable them to exist…

  2. ariana says:

    Re: ‘American Psychotic: Inside The Beautiful Mind Of An American Psychologist’, National
    Post, March 27, 2010.

    Imagine a man who believed in the ‘long distance Chinese brainwashing of U.S. officials.’ The man is incarcerated against his will and force-fed powerful anti-psychotic medications that result in permanent nervous system damage(‘bucal movements’). Decades later in the same country the ruling class elites along with the media inform the citizens that a foreign nation possesses ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and is also responsible for the destruction of large skyscrapers in an important financial district(both claims are baseless falsehoods). In the war that follows hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians are killed and many more are wounded and maimed. One should like to ask: Who is more dangerous, the lone madman or the thugs that precipitated the cataclysm? The madman is hospitalzed because of his strange beliefs and odd behaviours, and yet, some two centuries after the enlightenment we are told that: ‘The vast majority of Americans believe God is directly concerned with their personal affairs, with most assuming a divine reason for everything from job promotions to speeding tickets, according to a new Canadian study.’ ‘Seven in 10 believe that when good or bad things happen, the occurrences are part of God’s plan, and six in 10 believe God has set the course of their lives’. (The National Post: March 13, 2010.) The logical implications are a very mind numbing sad state of affairs for humankind in the 21st century.

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