Updated: Jan 22. In under a week, the URJ has already raised over $500,000 for Haiti relief. That’s an outstanding effort. It has literally overwhelmed the Development department. If there’s something to be said about established organized religious movements, it’s that they can move quickly to act when necessary in ways other organizations can only dream of. It is both humbling and inspiring.

The total to date is now $650,000. Among the organizations to receive our grants are Direct Relief International, The United Nations Foundation, American Jewish World Service, The International Rescue Committee, UNICEF, and United Israel Appeal of Canada, which is providing funds for the relief effort to Isra-Aid: The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid.

I should note that in a laudable, brilliant, and compassionate move, the Canadian government is matching all funds donated from Canada by Canadians to Haiti relief. Nicely done. At least Harper got one thing right…

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