Salvation via…

An interesting survey popped up on my newsfeed tonight, courtesy of topix.com. Apparently someone is concerned with how much room there is in heaven for non-Christians, and they have enlisted the internet to poll the public as to how us heathens are gonna get in. Take a look at the poll:

Only Way Non-Christians Enter Heaven
[] Accept Christ
[] Good Works
[] Baptism
[] Confess Sin
[] Be a Good Person
[] Believe in any God
[] No One Really Knows
[] Donate Money to Church
[] Refrain from Alcohol
[] Refrain from Masterbation

Well then. That’s a pretty all-encompassing list… good to know that I still have multiple pathways to eternal bliss. Out of curiosity, I googled “Way non Jews enter heaven“. The top few hits? Links right back to the same survey posted above. As clear an indicator of a difference in religious priorities as there ever was.

So while others are busy running around thinking about how to save all the eternally damned souls of the world, I’m content to gear up for Tisha b’Av, when I’ll be thinking about how to remedy some of the worldly damnations we have to deal with… let’s start with those Olympics.

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