The whole staff community is sitting on a grassy hill at night, watching a movie “drive-in” style. In the dark, outside at night, mosquitos hover around everyone. Nobody seems to mind. Most of the guys try to sit next to as many girls as possible, and most of the girls don’t seem to mind. People are having a good time. Then, for a moment, the whole camp seems to get brighter. Is something wrong with the movie projector? No, it’s fine. Did someone turn the lights on? No, it’s staff week — people still don’t know where the light switches are.

Then we a look up.

Something is falling from the sky. Something big. A piece of celestial rock, perhaps. It is streaking through the sky, burning up, creating the brightest show any of us have ever seen.

A white glow shines on everyone’s faces.

And someone calls out from the front of the hill, “God is awesome!”

Everyone laughs, then turns back to the movie.

A simple reaction to an awesome event. An everyday word is returned to its original meaning. For a brief, fleeting moment, we all stared in awe at the presence of God in a piece of cold, icy, rock hurtling through the atmosphere.

It was awe-some.


  1. Abraham Joshua Heschel says:

    “Confined in our own study rooms, we may entertain any idea that comes to our minds. Under such circumstances it is even plausible to say that the world is worthless and all meaning a dream or fiction. And yet, no one can sneer at the stars, mock the dawn, ridicule the outburst of spring, or scoff at the totality of being. Away from the immense, cloistered in our own concepts, we may scorn and revile everything. But standing between heaven and earth, we are silenced.”

    …even if just for that one moment before the humorous comment inevitably slips out.

  2. Jeremy says:

    such a kutz moment…
    welcome back to the blog-o-sphere

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