[Updated] Just a friendly neighbourhood reminder

LOST is back, and in as objective of an opinion as I can possibly get myself to form, it is better than ever.

Really, it was quite stellar this evening. Just a stunning work of art.

No matter how confused, frustrated, or disenchanted (or continually suffering from a mild form of obsession) you might be with this television show, you’ve got to admire the incredible uniqueness of its construction, and the delicate and deft way in which it is artistically produced.

Props to everyone involved.

[UDPDATE] Thanks to (of all places) USA Today, for this enlightening commentary:

Let Lost remind you of how spectacular scripted network programming can be. This is the kind of show broadcast TV depends on to maintain primacy in ratings and ad rates, not cultural irrelevancies like NBC’s already-fading American Gladiators and sad Celebrity Apprentice. We need shows like Lost, and we only get them when great writers combine with big-network budgets and exposure.


  1. josh Fixler says:

    I got hooked on Lost last summer and have been slowly working to get caught up ever since. I finished watching the last two episodes of season 3 last night and I am ready to watch the premier this weekend (I recorded it). Then we can discuss! I need Lost buddies as I am very new to the game

  2. jepaikin says:

    Welcome to the game!
    It’s addictive, but I honestly believe it’s worthwhile.
    More than just plain entertainment.

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