and now, for something completely different

As you may have noticed, things look new and fresh around here. The change is in celebration of the metre of snow piled up outside.

As much as I like the NYC image up top, it needs changing… unfortunately my lego friends were banished to the land of “not recognized by your browser.” We’ll give it some time.

Train ride home yesterday (which should’ve taken five hours) wound up taking an excruciating seven hours. The best moment of the trip happened something like this:

Conductor: (as people were getting to their seats) “Excuse me folks, please keep moving up ahead, that’s right.. keep it moving. SIR! please keep moving!”

Guy: “I can’t! There’s a steel wall in front of us. Unless you’ve got some X-MEN on the train who can move through metal, we’re out of luck”

That is all.

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