Thursday’s Line-up of Jewy Things you should take a look at

1. The Crazies.The Ha’aretz Self Test on whether or not you are a Mideast Fanatic

2. The Badass. The Nine Most Badass Bible Verses. What about “Be fruitful and multiply”? It’s a command to get busy!

3. The Tasty. Jones Soda’s Channukah Offerings.
These ones come in four BRAND NEW flavours: Latke, Applesauce, Gelt, and Jelly-Doughnut. (I’ve always been a fan of the Pineapple Upside Down Cake)

4. The Revolutionary.Two Words: Che Herzl. (I’ve already ordered one for myself!)

5. The Happy. Muslim helps Jews attacked on New York subway.


  1. davidamwilensky says:

    Fuck you Jesse. I have no money and I just blew some of my no money on one of those damn t-shirts.

  2. jepaikin says:

    Sweet! You did the same thing I did!
    Wanna get together and have a Herzl party?

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