living the simultaneous life

My life, or whatever it can be called right now, has entered an unusual new phase. Moving to a new city and studying at a new school (indeed, an entirely new type of school) will of course entail a few hectic weeks of moving, unpacking, and settling in. And of course, that’s what I’m stuck in the middle of. But my life, or whatever it may be called right now, (I’m thinking… “Property of the National Theatre School of Canada”?) seems to be stuck in an entirely new mode of existence.

I’m simultaneously on standby and overdrive.

I had classes from 9 to 7 today. And it’s only the second day of school. Truth be told, we actually haven’t even really started the school year yet, this is just a chance for our programme to work before everyone gets here. It’s overdrive. And I love it. But it’s overdrive.

But I’m on standby, too. I have no internet, phone service, or tv. The outside world would cease to exist, were it not for the wonderful free internet at the cafe around the corner from me. I still have yet to respond to Rabbi Yoffie regarding the dialogue he initiated with me over my previous infamous blog post, and I have yet to catch up on a lot of correspondence from the summer.

So here I am, standing by and waiting, while at the same time revving my internal engines.

My message to the rest of the world: give me a week, and I’ll resurface.

I hope.

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  1. David says:

    Remember the good old days when there was no war and famine, when birds chirped all day long, when the Jewish people fulfilled its destiny and Jess Paikin blogged often?

    Oh, memories…

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