From chaos, order

It has been an exceptionally busy two weeks. Such that I haven’t even had time to sit down to read the news, satisfy my facebook addiction, or peruse other people’s blogs. I start reading, and am inevitably interrupted by an (allegedly) more pressing task.

I’m counting my blessings that the chaos seems to have subsided… for the time being.

Here’s a checklist of what I have been meaning to write about. I’ll be getting to each of these items as soon as I can.

  • Rabbi Yoffie’s most recent editorial in the current edition of Reform Judaism Magazine
  • A philosophy of t’fillah that I happened upon, courtesy of some unaware teens.
  • Yiddish Curses
  • My time in NYC this summer
  • For now, I’ll briefly address one of these items, with this delightful Yiddish curse:

    Migulgl zol er vern in a henglayhter, by tog zol er hengen, un bay nakht zol er brenen.

    Translation: May you be transformed into a chandelier, to hang by day and to burn by night.

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    1. Jess… There’s an entire book devoted to the subject of Yiddish Curses. Remind me when you’re home and I’ll find you a copy!

      Much love


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