Selections from the Liberal Leadership Convention

Bob Rae quoted Hillel. Check it out…

“There’s more culture in a bowl of yogurt than in the Conservative government.”
~Stephane Dion

“The main issue of the centruy, the one on which all others depend, is the junction between the economy and the environment. In other words, no less then the reconciliation between the people and the planet.”
~Stephane Dion

“We do not in herit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our grandchildren.”
~Aboriginal Proverb, quoted by Stephane Dion

“We talk about equality, but Afghanistan has more women in its parliament than Canada”
~Justin Trudeau

“We are not just a party of power. We are a party of purpose”
~Gerard Kennedy

“The new language of politics is action. What we do, not what we say, is what Canadians will care about.”
~Gerard Kennedy

“I want to talk to you from the heart, without a speech, as the Rabbi said, If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I?”
~Bob Rae

“How do we get people who think differently and act differently to work together?”
~Bob Rae

“First of all, this is about the country, this is about Canada, this is about our love for Canada. The Liberal party has suceeded… because it has been able to find itself in the heartland of Canada, and its values have always tried to reflect the values of Canadians. It’s about the country before its about the party.”
~Bob Rae

“How do we take the vision and turn it into something called politics? If we can’t put it into practice, then we can’t make a difference, and we haven’t really succeeded”
~Bob Rae

“I see a Canada whose vision is of the world… which understands that our foreign policy is as critical as what we do at home; that we can’t break down these barriers. I see a Canada where the resolution of conflict is just as important as what we do at home.”
~Bob Rae

“I see a Canada where every child that goes to school, goes to school hungry for knowledge, and not hungry for food.”
~Bob Rae

“I see a Canada whose focus is on fiscal responsibility. But fiscal responsibility is just the means to do other things.”
~Bob Rae

“Stephen Harper went out for dinner with his cabinet. The waiter asked what he wanted. He said ‘I’ll have the steak.’ The waiter said ‘what about the vegetables?’ Harper said ‘they’ll have the steak, too.'”
~Bob Rae

“If not now, when? We have to be united as we go forward together. Let us remember what we owe to Canadians. We owe them our integrity. I committ that of my time.”
~Bob Rae, quoting R. Hillel

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