A smattering of ongoing projects I’m working on


(Coming 2021)

A new short-form explanatory podcast, with expansive questions and diverse ideas.

One big Jewish question + answers with integrity and inspiration. And where to turn next to learn more. All in thirty minutes each.

Atelier Ulpan

Contemporary graphical art based on ancient Jewish texts. Bringing the wisdom of the ages into your home with modern takes on vintage finds.

Atelier” is the French word for studio/workshop – an homage to my grandparents’ French Canadian heritage.

Ulpan” also means studio in Hebrew, but is notably the word for the special immersive classes where the Hebrew language is taught to new immigrants.


#DafYomi. Serving up the best of the sea of Talmud on Instagram (mostly) every day.

Pairing ancient rabbinic wisdom from the Talmud with mindful and reflective questions for today – sometimes radical, always needed.

Questions like: “How are we responsible for what we broadcast into the world?” “What boundaries do I need?” and “What does wholeness mean in your life?”

Morning Mindfulness & Gratitude

 Every Tuesday morning. Start your day off with Jewish meditation, morning blessings of gratitude, and spiritual reflections to set the tone for your day.

Cultivate opportunities to see the light, goodness, joy, and space for gratitude that are here with us, as they’ve always been.