A saga.

The story of Jesse’s travels back to NYC this evening (in abbreviated form, as a bedtime story).

You’re not allowed to bring backpacks on planes to the states now. But it doesn’t say that on Air Canada’s website. So I brought one. At the airport, the rude AC staff member wouldn’t even have a discussion about it with me. So I moved my backpack and all of my shit into my suitcase.

But when I went through security, I found out that you can, in fact, bring a backpack on the plane. Joy. So I moved my bag back out of my luggage. Now I have a bag with my stuff on the plane. I scorn the Air Canada check-in agent.

During the new secondary security screening, the RCMP Constable asked me if I had anything under my kippah. I laughed. Then he frisked me. Closely. We have an intimate relationship now.

But the icing on the cake of travel woe is that I got my first Elite Status upgrade to Executive Class. Thank you Continental, for joining the Star Alliance! So all in all, a pretty regular trip for Jesse. Except this time it came with a hot towel and free booze!


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