Coming out of the Closet: Classical Reform Jews

Oh boy! Just in time for Channukah, JTA has published an article that is sure to stoke some fires. Which is good, cause it’s freezing in New York today. There’s a lot in here that I’ll want to comment on, more than I can do right now. Stay tuned. This will definitely be something I need to reflect on over Shabbas. For now, an excerpt:

“There is a place for reason in religion, and sometimes in Reform Judaism today we don’t give that enough attention…”

That’s by Michael Meyer, of HUC-JIR fame. I agree with him on some levels. A quick example – the URJ’s recent ethical eating initiative is a perfect intersection of reason and religion that’s been lacking attention for far too long. I also think, as I’ve argued a few times before, that there’s a place for irrationality in religion, and more often than not in Reform Judaism today, we don’t give that enough attention.

I would say that if you really want to delve into the intersection between reason and religion, a good start would be Soren Kierkegaard’s “Fear and Trembling.” Some nice, light reading.

More on this tomorrow. Chag Urim Sameach!

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