Vote Swap — Vote your Conscience and Help Get the Tories out of Power

The concept of the vote swap is simple: in a completely legal fashion, it allows voters in different ridings to swap votes to best ensure the Conservatives don’t win. Let’s say your preferred candidate has no chance to win your riding. You can swap that vote out with someone else in the group so that you can vote for the party that has the best chance to stop the Conservatives from winning the seat. This allows you to vote for your party of preference (and thus keep smaller parties alive) while doing your best to keep the Tories out of power.

Learn more here, and join the initiative!

I would like to state for the record that I joined this initiative entirely of my own volition. I have chosen as a free citizen of Canada to exercise my democratic and legally protected right to discuss the upcoming election and what party I may or may not vote for with anyone. Nobody, including the creator and organizer of this initiative, Mr. Mat Savelli, offered at any time before or after joining this initiative any material benefit or incentives to me to vote in any way other then with my own conscious. I choose to make this statement and offer anyone the right to copy this statement and sign and repost it in support of our private & collective rights to organize.

Please — join this group and help be a part of ending the Conservative abuse of power.


10 thoughts on “Vote Swap — Vote your Conscience and Help Get the Tories out of Power

  1. Okay… how will he make things right if he wins this election? As if he hasn’t had the chance over the past two years to “make things right” ?

    Perhaps you could explain cogently what exactly it is that he will make right…

    Will he return transparency to parliamentary proceedings?

    Will he return funding to arts and culture?

    Will he end government censorship?

    Will he finally realize the necessity of a strong governmental response to environmental crises?

    If so… then he will make things right. Otherwise, he’s just going to make things more Right (with a capital “R”) and that’s exactly what we don’t need.

  2. Whats to prevent someone from “swaping” votes and still vote
    for a certain candidate.
    Whats to prevent someone from “swapping ” with more than one person to get more vote?
    Whats to prevent someone to make many aliases and swap and swap many votes to sway the election?
    Whats to prevent some political party from doing the same?
    I believe this swapping should be illigal because it allows someone to vote many times instead of just once.

  3. This is a highly organized, grassroots initiative, in which one person is anonymously connected with another — so it’s an even exchange.

    I suppose that if someone truly wanted to go to the trouble of establishing many aliases to defraud the electoral system, they could do so… but then that misses the entire point of this initiative.

    Unfortunately, Canada’s “first past the post” system disenfranchises many voters. Why would people trying to stop such negligence go to the trouble of being negligent themselves?

    I believe your argument is a stretch…

  4. blanks57 says:

    ‘in a completely legal fashion’
    This can not be legal and if Elections Canada says it is then Elections Canada has got to go, even though Harper is a weak- left- leaning- liberal-like- sock- puppet who should be set free.

  5. Interesting to see a pattern amongst the Conservative detractors here:

    1. They post anonymously. I grant that this is their right, however coupled with the lack of transparency in the Conservative government, it is an eerie pattern… most people aren’t afraid to leave their name…

    2. They refute the legality of the Vote Swap, but don’t offer any reasons why it should be illegal.

    3. When they acknowledge that Elections Canada affirms the legality of the Vote Swap, they deduce that Elections Canada “has got to go”

    As I’ve repeatedly stated, my issues with the current government are more about structure than content. Sure, I’m a liberal and disagree with most conservative positions, but if this government was transparent, ethical, and stood on moral ground… then at least they could justify staying in power.

  6. blanks57 says:

    “Vote Swap” – “moral ground”
    Oxymoron I think, though I do support the conservatives generally I did not attend post-secondary school or graduate high school with any “achievement” to speak of.
    Why would Elections Canada investigate the Conservatives for something that all the party’s were doing? Doesn’t really make sense unless the Liberal’s still control the leadership like they did the ethics commissioner until he was fired!
    Ethics, remember those?
    No because Liberals have no ethics except the ethics they say are ethics.

  7. “Liberals have no ethics except the ethics they say are ethics.” — Well that’s a firm argument to stand upon. Gotta love those mass generalizations.

    “the liberal’s [sic] still control the leadership…” — Gotta love those conspiracy theories! Keep them coming!

    I’m growing weary of the circular logic and just plain silly arguments from the Conservatives posting here… If there are substantial arguments to be made against the Vote Swap, then please feel free make them. Otherwise, remember that nobody is getting more than one vote, and people can do what they want with their own vote. It’s legal.

  8. blanks57 says:

    Like I said if “It’s legal” then Elections Canada has got to go the way of the Liberals ethics commissioner. Actually the way Elections Canada handeled this “in and out scheme” would be enough for me to send them to Liberal hell.
    The Liberal’s so polluted this country;s government offices while they were in power it’s no wonder the Quebecois get to be a nation -criminals, just like you.
    What does “moral” have to do with it being legal, nothing that’s what.

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