I blame it on theatre school

Yes, I know it’s shameful.
Yes, I know the whole point of a journal – online or on paper – is to actually journal.
Yes, I know it’s tiring to continually blame my recent lack of writing on my theatre school schedule.
So call me a shameful theatre student and let’s move on.

There is, however, much on my mind which I’ll be sharing in the very near future, seeing as I’ve finished school for the year.

– Yom Ha’atzmaut was a few days ago. In Toronto, any Jewish affair is always an interesting affair. This year, the PM showed up at our celebrations. I sat down through the whole thing while the rest of the Jews in the audience showered praises on our corrupt leader. More on that soon.

– Mother’s Day is today. I’ve always been hesitant about these singular celebratory days. See my previous thoughts here on that. More on that soon.

– Camp is soon. Camp means lots of new thoughts on Jewish life flowing around. Camp means – for me at least – time to work incredibly hard but also time to relax and enjoy the work to an unparalleled level. Camp means returning to serious daily Jewish living after an intriguing experimental year for me. More on that soon.

Until soon arrives…


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