Who wants to take responsibility for killing a Canadian?

Apparently lots of people! It seems that having a Canadian flag on your backpack isn’t enough to keep you safe anymore…


Let’s run down the facts of what happened:
– A delegation of Canadians on a mission with the Canada-Israel-Committee came under fire by terrorists from Gaza.
– The Canadians, accompanied by Avi Dichter, the Israeli Minister of Public Security, were in Israel proper.
– The terrorists were in Gaza.
– After the event, multiple terrorist organizations claim responsibility, making it clear that the Canadians were considered legitimate (if not intended) targets.
– After the attack, people blame Israel.

Nu? How about some international outcry for this violation of basic international diplomatic rights? Oh wait… that’s right… the Canadians were probably Jews. So there’s no such thing as diplomatic rights.

Of course, in response to this event, the news commenter wheels have started turning. One would assume that Canadians would be outraged at the terrorists for this attack. And indeed, some are. But of course, plenty of “ordinary” Canadians have decided to place the blame squarely Israel for this attack.

My favourite comment on today’s events has nothing to do with the attack itself, and more with the CBC’s coverage:

cbc is under the influence of neo-con (Read: Jews) traitors and is the mouth piece for the global agenda. … i believe nothing the cbc prints anymore because they are lapdogs to yankee imperialism (Read: Jews). your all traitors and this promo feed newstory should be left on pay per view for those brainwashed seniors (Read: Jews) that allowed this type of society to exist in the first place.

And more… here’s what you won’t see on the news – pictures taken by members of the delegation while they were under attack: http://cicweb.ca/media/newspix_080404.cfm


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