The jihad is all about the drugs?

NEWS FLASH: PM Stephen Harper thinks that the insurgents / fighters / terrorists / militants / gunmen in Afghanistan (call them whatever you want, as long as they are killing Canadian soldiers, they’re just plan assholes to me) are now not motivated out of an ideological hatred, but are killing Canadians and NATO allies because we are apparently getting in the way of the Afghani drug trade. Whether this is true or not, I can’t say – I’m not an Afghani drug lord, and unfortunately my contact in Afghanistan has gone silent… But the real news is in that Harper thinks this is great, because it means we’re winning and doing better – “Hey, the terrorists don’t hate us ’cause we look like the Americans anymore, they hate us ’cause we’re narcs!”

Is he serious? Really? We’re winning because they’re killing us for a different reason? THEY’RE STILL KILLING PEOPLE… This is what shocks me about the current governments in Canada and the U.S. They’re both Conservative… aren’t they supposed to be all about the numbers? Aren’t they supposed to be looking at the cold, hard, facts to make decisions? Isn’t that what Capitalism is all about?

Why is it, then, that these governments seem unmotivated to rethink their policies and actions given the rising monetary cost, not to mention the cold, hard numbers of dead Canadian and American bodies? Some accountants might call these wars a failed investment…


One thought on “The jihad is all about the drugs?

  1. bke-anarchist says:

    This has become a drug turf war. A year ago the UN commisioned a study on the opium trade origininating in Afganistan. The researchers found that the trade was in the range of $400B to $800B. Of this incredible amount, they estimated that the warlords were receiving in the range of $3 to $5 B. What about the rest? And considering that the US has just recently championed the independence of Kosovo, ruled by drug mafia I would suggest that the excess opium is being processed there. The US just also happens to have their largest military base in Europe on the Kosovo/Macedonia border.

    Remember, there was less than 5% of the world’s opium production coming out of Afganistan before being invaded by the US. Now, it is something like 92%!

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