Where in the world?

I put this little widget on my site that lets me track more specifically who’s reading what I have to say. I admit, it smacks a little bit of “Big Brother is watching you,” but I’m just curious… It tells me how many people have been reading at the same time (the most is 4 — no big surprise there).

It also pinpoints pretty precisely where on the globe people are coming from. Here’s the surprise. I’ve got people reading from places I’ve never heard of, and one place which I’m fairly sure I will never ever go to. Check out some of the more interesting places that made the list below.

The astounding:
1. Riaydh, Ar-Riyad – Saudi Arabia
2. Garching, Bayern – Germany

More of the ones I’ve never heard of:
1. Lake Mary, Florida
2. Spring, Texas
3. Sherman Oaks, California
4. Alexandria, Virginia

The honourable:
1. Bat-Yam, Tel Aviv – Israel
2. Montreal, Quebec – Canada (Glad some people are reading from around here)
3. Woodstock, Ontario – Canada (Yes, there is a Woodstock in Canada. No music, though)
4. Barrie, Ontario – Canada – (Ahhh, Northern Ontario. Nothing to do but read mindless drivel)


3 thoughts on “Where in the world?

  1. ben z says:

    Cincinnati, OH seems like it should be on the honourable list… I mean really! We should be impressed that there is internet there!

    (I write this from the sticks of Arkansas, which perhaps should also be counted… for similar reasons)

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