Everyone’s got white guys

I’ve ramped up my CNN watching as of late… normally I don’t watch it, but if I want to follow American politics and the Presidential race, I get a little more detail from American news channels. This morning, they were reporting on senators who are supporting either Obama or Clinton. While the Black vs. Woman discussion has been ongoing, I’ve noticed that on American channels, it’s dwindled down and isn’t really the focus of discussion anymore. But apparently, things are more decisive than we’ve been led to believe.

Out of all the senators they could have chosen to come on the news this morning, they picked a white woman to talk about why she supports Obama, and a black man to talk about why he supports Hillary.

Interesting… not sure if there’s anything to make of this, but it does seem a little contrived and forced, no?

“Hey, look! It doesn’t matter that he’s a black guy and she’s a woman! See! We’ve got more of those right here! HEY! Watch my news channel! Come on! We’ve got black guys and women! Hell, we’ve got black women and white guys! Well, everyone’s got white guys… but we’ve got them, too! WATCH CNN!”


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