The death of truth

It’s been storming all night at camp, and when it storms at camp, it storms. Plans change. People take cover. The kids are downstairs watching a movie, and I’ve taken refuge in our blessedly air-conditioned office. I planned to take advantage of the break from programming by relaxing and catching up on some reading and blogging. Instead, I came across this doozie…

Post-modernism has been dead since it began and we are now living in a Post Post-Modern world. In fact it is so post post-modern that its once again modern. With the advent of post-modernism we saw the death of TRUTH. (Religious) Truth is eternal and (scientific) fact is changing.

Well doesn’t that just put a cramp on my plans to rest my brain. I know I want to parse this paragraph, but at this point, my brain is so congested that I’m not sure I can.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


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